Investor Pitch Tips – When to move on…

A founder gives pitches to multiple investors in order to close the funding round. So the chance of you hearing NO is so high that sometimes founders are not able to get clarity on investors’ responses. 

  • Sounds interesting, keep me posted about your progress. 
  • You are too late. We come at an early stage. 
  • You are a bit early. We come at a slightly late stage. We will re-look at it after a few months. 
  • Traction is too less. Come back with better metrics. 
  • Get back to me once you have a lead investor. 
  • Our bandwidth is limited and hence we can not spend much time evaluating this opportunity.
  • We are in the process of raising our internal round. Keep me updated about your progress. 

If you hear any of the above from the investors, all means NO. [They have evaluated your business but not yet convinced on the future business prospects, founders ability, current metrics, scaling etc. etc. ]

Do not keep waiting for them to get back to you. Move on and find the new set of investors to pitch to. 

Visiting an orphanage center & my learnings

This year, I celebrated my birthday at an Orphanage Center. I wanted to do this for a very long time and it felt amazing.

There are lots of things that I learned by observing the children and talking to the owner of the center. Would like to share a few of them.

1. Before they began eating, children closed their eyes and prayed for two mins, thanking the almightly for the food and the life. They do this every day. [ They focus on what they have and not what they don’t have ]

2. All of them waited for others to take food before they started eating. Some of the kids were just 6-7 years old but still, they followed this discipline. [ Amazing to see this disciplined behavior in kids without any tantrum ]

3. All of them were studying and having ambition in their life. They dreamt to become engineers, doctors, or even singers. [ Even after such a tragedy, all of them wanted to move and do good in life ]

It was an eye-opener moment for me and I thank God for being able to contribute in their happiness even in a small way!

Group Pics for Coorg Trip

Bike Trip To Coorg

I have always been fond of bike trips. Covid pandemic left no choice but to remain inside. 

After the 3rd wave subsided, I decided to go for a bike trip to Coorg. This time I have chosen to go along with a group of people who share the same enthusiasm for road trips as mine. Luckily, I came in touch with a road trip travel organizer based out of Bengaluru. They have arranged multiple trips to several places in and around Bengaluru. The rating was good and the founders were cordial. Finally, I enrolled myself for this trip. It was a 2 day trip from Bengaluru to Coorg. I have never been to Coorg before and hence apart from the road trip experience, going to Coorg was also exciting to me. 

We started early in the morning by 6 am. All the members joined together at a commonplace. It took us almost 7 hours to reach Coorg. In-between we stopped for breakfast and lunch. There were few good places on the way and we stopped there to take pictures. We went directly to the Homestay which the organizer had arranged. It was a beautiful place with a lake view. 

The organizer has planned for a bonfire in the late evening. We all gathered together and shared our stories. Our group was diverse in culture and age. We had youngsters, married couples as well as retired folks. People from south, north, east, and even west were present. I experience the power of our diverse culture and language.

We shared our life stories, learnings, struggles, and challenges. One lady was married at the age of 17 and was the mother of three at the age 22. She developed a liking for traveling and bike riding against their family and husband’s wishes. She saved money for years before buying her first bike. It was an incredible journey of women’s grit and determination. The other woman had undergone years of trauma and body shaming because of her obesity. She was ridiculed and hated. Finally, she was able to lose weight and become fit. Interestingly, I also happened to meet my college mate who is now working in a big corporation and he is a proud owner of Harley Davidson. I even did a ride on HD. It was super cool and an experience in itself.

Every member there had some story to tell which inspired and motivated me. We ended the night with mouth-watering local food prepared by homestay staff. 

The next morning, we went to a couple of places like Elephant Camp, waterfalls. After that, we did a bit of shopping in the local market. Coorg is known for local wine, chocolates, tea/coffee powder, and authentic masala. 

We started to return after having a delicious lunch in a roadside Dhaba. We reached Bengaluru around 9 at night. It was a memorable trip with so much fun, meeting and learning from new people and of course Coorgi food.  

Attaching few photographs that we have taken during the trip: 

The trip was organized by:

Book to read in 2021

My choice of books in the year 2021

Atomic Habits: 

Do you want to start a new habit but always feel bad about not sticking to it?

Here is a simple tip.

Habit Stacking: It is a powerful concept to build a new habit. The rule is to start a new habit on top of the old one. It increases the likelihood of staying with your new behavior.

For example: 

Meditation: After I finish my bath(old habit), I will meditate for 10 mins(new habit)

Reading Book: After I finish my dinner(old habit), I will read books for at least 30 mins(new habit)

To make a daily plan: After I brush my teeth, I will write my to-do list. 

Learning a new habit is extremely difficult but if you set up a simple rule to stack a new habit on the old one, most of the time it will work. In this book, you will find many more techniques to develop good habits and stick to them. 

This is a must to read book for any individual in order to become more disciplined in life. 

Scientific Advertising

This book talks about the fundamental aspects of advertising. The techniques are slightly old in nature but some of them are still relevant. It contains minute details such as principles behind Headlines of the campaign, being specific in your messaging etc. Recommended to affiliate marketers, digital marketers or anyone who wants to learn about advertising. 

Summarizing some of the lessons learned: 

  • When you are creating a campaign, ‘Show a bright side, the happy and attractive side. Show beauty and not homeliness; health not sickness. Don’t show the wrinkles you propose to remove, but the face as it will appear. Talk about the profits that your product or services bring to the people. People are seeking service for themselves. 
  • Your offer should be irresistible for the people to try. For e.g. you can give them 1 week to try the products without any obligation and about 9 out of 10 times, it will lead to sales. 
  • Your headline should only target those people who are your real customers. It has to be specific and to the point. We pick out what we wish to read by headlines. They either conceal or reveal an interest. So, address the people you seek and they will come running after you. 

The Decision Book – Fifty Models for Strategic Thinking

It is a typical self-improvement book that talks about practical guides and mental models to improve herself. 

By going through different models, one can develop the mindset to make the best decision. 

To Sell Is Human

One of the best books that I have read about Persuading, Convincing, and Influencing people. 

Based on research, people spend 40% of their time at work engaged in non-sales selling that is persuading, influencing, and convincing others. We all are doing sales throughout our life knowingly or unknowingly. This book lays down different techniques to become better at sales. This is one skill that can’t be ignored and taken lightly. Becoming better at sales means becoming better at life events. 


‘Irritation’ is something that we want people to do and ‘Agitation’ is challenging them to do something that they want to do. Irritation does not work. It might be effective in the short term but to move people fully and deeply requires something more. 

Investing 101

Those who are new to investments can definitely read this book to be aware of different avenues of investments ​​from Stocks and Bonds to ETFs and IPOs. 

Crisp and precise book to become a better investor. 

Let’s Talk Money

This book can give you the structure on how and where to invest so that you become financially secure in your life. Keeping the Indian context in mind, it talks about the best way to invest in stocks, mutual funds, insurance, bonds, etc. The theory does not make you super rich but a step-by-step guide to increasing your financial well-being.


How to read people and get this done effectively. This book uncovers human behavior which will help you to manage and control people at home and the workplace. A must-read book for every manager.

Learnings from the movie ‘Lagaan’

Lagaan has completed 20 years!

I remember watching this movie along with my family members and clapping on every shot that was hit against British Team. There were many highs and lows moments in the movie and it beautifully described how someone can move the mountain with sheer grit and determination. 

Now, when I look back, I find many learnings that this movie can offer to an entrepreneur. 

Just summarizing them below. 

  1. Team is everything. Don’t compromise on this. 
  2. Every individual has unique skills and as an entrepreneur, you need to understand your team strength and groom them regularly. 
  3. You may be new to the business but with constant learning you can ultimately become a master of the game.  
  4. You need the support of your family members to sail through the journey. They may not be on the field but they are necessary to support you off the field. 
  5. Understand your business in and out else you may not be able to make the right decision. 
  6. Don’t lose hope. Things can change at the last moment. Keep moving until you get there. 
  7. Your purpose should be bigger than your goal. The purpose is what keeps you motivated. 
  8. People will make fun of you. Don’t bother and move on. 
  9. Never mind asking for help. It can come from an unpredictable source. 
  10. Keep your team motivated especially when the chips are down. They need such encouragement. 
  11. Be a leader and show the vision to your team members. 
  12. Have fun in life. Music, dance, and songs are must. 
  13. If your intent is good, you will be the winner. 


Importance of Finance for Entrepreneurs

The importance of finance in business has always been overlooked by most entrepreneurs. I see entrepreneurs having excellent knowledge in other streams of business such as tech, product, supply chain, designs, marketing, sales etc. but they really falter as far as financial knowledge is concerned.

The sufficient knowledge of Finance is necessary in order to correctly run the business. It will also help to measure the right metrics in a particular business. The financial discipline will ensure that the business is sufficiently capitalized and do not risk running out of money.

Now the question is how to do it? First of all, founders have to acknowledge the role of finance in their business. They have to take necessary action to ensure that the business is following all the guidelines to become a financially sound business. And for that to happen, they need to first educate themselves and develop awareness around finance.  They have to admit that just like tech or marketing, finance is also a key department and hence this also has to be built and properly nurtured.

In-fact, even before starting up, the knowledge of finance will help the wannabe founders to select the right sector of business that they want to venture into. A founder should be able to validate the project by understanding the math behind an idea. Few important questions to be answered like before starting up are:

  1. What is the total market size(here, bottom up approach needs to be applied while calculating the market size)
  2. Who is the biggest player in this space by market share
  3. What is the revenue of the direct and indirect competitors(every new idea has some competitors locally and globally)
  4. What profits other companies are making in this sector
  5. What is the monthly, quarterly, yearly growth of the other similar startups(revenue wise, profit wise, customer wise)
  6. How much money they have spent and what kind of business scale they have achieved
  7. What is net profit(after deducting all direct and indirect cost)
  8. How much funding raised by that company

And there could be many more questions that can be added in the above list. By answering the questions, the founder will be in a much better position to decide if the potential idea is worth attempting.

While running the business, having good grip over some of the metrics can go a long way in making you successful.

Some of the key questions needs to be keep in mind are:

  1. What is the revenue, gross profits, net profits
  2. Cash flow
  3. What is the CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) of the business
  4. What is the LTV ( Life Time Value) is justified
  5. What is the ratio of CAC/LTV. Ideally it should be 4 and plus
  6. What is repeat customer %
  7. What is MOM(month on month) growth or YOY(year on year)

There could be so many finance-related questions that need to be answered before an entrepreneurs take the plunge into the new venture and having a good grasp of the subject will work in the founder’s favor.

I am doing a survey to test this hypothesis also resonates with the founder or wannabe founder. Would be great if you can just fill in this below form. It will take just 3 minutes of your time. I will share the survey report with you as well.

Link: Click Here to fill in the form.

Thanks in advance!

Seed Funding - Vineet Neeraj

Everything about Seed Funding

What is meant by seed stage of the startup?

Seed stage is the stage where the startup is at a concept level. The idea is just germinated and the validation is not yet proven. To grow a tree, the first requirement is to plant the seed and then nurture it carefully. At seed stage the startup needs proper nurturing so that it goes to the next stage of growth. 

What is the meaning of seed funding? 

As mentioned above, when you want to grow a tree, the first thing required is the seed of that tree and then you water it to grow to a huge tree. Similarly, when you want to grow a business, you need capital to start it and this stage of capital is called ‘Seed Capital’ or ‘Seed Funding’ or ‘Seed Funding Round’ or ‘Seed Round’. 

So we can comfortably say that the early round of funding that is required to start the business is called ‘Seed Funding’. This is arguably the first round of funding that any company raises. 

What is the Purpose of Seed Funding?

Building business is a highly unpredictable affair. It is full of uncertainties and too many external dynamics decide the success of the venture. The first step towards building the large company is to test if there is enough demand for the proposed product or services. In order to validate the idea, entrepreneurs test the idea with a small set of future customers. If the response from one set of customers is positive, it means that the idea has future scope. This also boosts the confidence of the entrepreneurs. In order to try and test the idea, entrepreneurs raise ‘Seed Capital’ from investors. 

What is meant by Seed Investor? 

Investors who invest in startups at a seed stage are called Seed Investors. They are usually the first set of investors to back the ventures. These are the investors who take the maximum risk on their capital because the idea is not yet validated and proven. 

Who can be Seed Investors?

Generally, they are the investors who have a high risk appetite and are willing to back the startup idea without the proven business model. 

How much capital is required at the seed stage of the startup?

The purpose of seed capital is to test and validate the idea and hence it does not need too much capital infusion. However, entrepreneurs have to work on the business plan and financial projection to arrive at the amount of capital required to validate the idea. It is always advisable to validate the idea with the lowest possible capital and in the shortest time period. 

How much money seed investors can infuse?

There is no limit to how much capital can be raised during the seed stage. The requirement of the quantum of capital during the seed stage is determined by the business plan and financial projection. Typically it is lowest among all the stages of the startup fund raise. However, we have exceptions in the case as well. 

Where to find seed investors?

There are many investors in India and abroad who are investing during the seed stage of the startups. Entrepreneurs can reach these investors with their pitch deck and convince them to invest in the startups. There are multiple ways to reach out to seed investors: 

  1. Once you identify the name of the funds, find out the startups that they have invested in. Connect with the founder of that startup and request for the warm introduction to the investors. 
  2. Once you identify the name of the investors(e.g partner, principal, associates), search them in linkedin and connect with them with the small write up. 
  3. You can contact angel network platforms like Let’s Venture, IAN, Leed Angel and explore the investments. 
  4. Investment Bankers like iDrive Capital can also help to connect and raise capital from the investors. If you are interested, do drop a mail to 

[ Disclaimer: I work at iDrive Capital]

  1. You can also reach to your friends and family members to help you in raising this round. You can arrange initial money from these members and validate the idea before you go for the larger round. 

Is it advisable to raise Seed Capital?

It is not at all necessary to raise Seed Capital. Many startups directly raise Series A to grow the business. However, entrepreneurs put their own money in order to test the idea and that can also be called a Seed Round. Sometimes, the profit generated from the business can be reinvested in the business and that can be called seed capital. The other advantage of not raising seed capital is to save early equity dilution. It will also help entrepreneurs to negotiate better during the next round of capital from the investors. If entrepreneurs have put their own capital during the seed stage, it brings additional confidence to investors during the next round of fund raise. 

What are the other stages of funding in the startups? 

A startup goes through multiple stages before it turns out to be a big corporate. And in every stage, they need capital in order to sustain and grow the business. Typically after the Seed stage, the startups go ahead and raise future rounds of capital which are named as Series A, Series B, Series C, Series D etc. Technically it can go until Series Z. 

Ideally, with every subsequent Series round, the quantum of capital will keep increasing however, it is not mandatory. For e.g if Series A is $5 million round, Series B will be $5+ million round but in some cases, it can be $3 million also.

Sometimes startups raise one round between two Series rounds and this round is called Pre Series rounds. This generally happens because the startup is not yet ready to raise the next Series round. For e.g. if the startup has already raised a Seed round and now looking to raise Series A round but decided not to go with Series A and raise a round before that and it is called Pre-Series A round. Sometimes, it is also called Bridge Round. Read more on this here

I am working on the book on “How To Raise Funding For Your Startup”.

Books that I read in 2020!

Last year, I had planned to include books from different genres in my reading list. In addition to reading business books, I also spent time reading history, civics, and books about life & our roots. This helped me to avoid boredom and expanded my perspective. 

  1. Give and take(Adam Grant)

There are 3 kinds of people. 

Givers – Those who believe in giving and never expect anything in return

Takers – Those who just believe in taking from others

Matchers – Those who believe in giving but expect a return from others

According to the research, people who are at the bottom of their careers are givers & surprisingly those who are sitting at the top of their careers are also givers. Takers and matchers tend to land in the middle.

The book demonstrates how a giver goes a long way than the takers in the profession and personal success. Being nice to others should not be seen as a weakness but it has the power to influence others greatly. 

  1. Alexander The Great – Philip Freeman

He is called one of the greatest strategists of all time. He was crowned at age nineteen and died at the young age of thirty-two. He had a magnanimous ambition and ruthless execution style which saw him winning most of the battle that he fought. His passion, dedication and influencing others have been hallmarks of his enduring success. This biography explains about his life, management style and what made him one of the greatest influencers in the history of mankind. 

  1. Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow  – Yuval Noah Harari

It talks about the evaluation of mankind. It smartly connects our past with the future and gives us clarity of our roots. The information is sometimes overwhelming but if you like to dig deeper into your own self, go for it. 

  1. We are like that only – Rama Bijapurkar

Why MNCs have not been able to replicate the global story in India? Why Indian consumers are different and we deserve to be treated differently? This book covers many interesting anecdotes & metaphors which are unique to our identity. 

  1. India Struggle For Freedom – Bipan Chandra

It is one of the most comprehensive books on India’s freedom movement. It captures all the major events that led to independence. It covers the first war of independence with Mangal Pandey to several battles by dynasties to Rani Laxmi Bai’s famous battle with Britishers to Mahatma Gandhi’s non-cooperation and the civil disobedience movements.

A perfect book for those who want to refresh their school chapters around this subject. This one book summarises it all. 

  1. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind 

If you are interested to know who we are, how we got here and where we’re going, this book is for you. It teaches us about the history of various sapiens and their evolution. 

  1. Mindset: Changing The Way You think To Fulfil Your Potential

The book explains that it is not someone’s academic performance or inherent brilliance that are responsible for success but it is the mindset of the individual that determines the success. 

Interestingly, this book reveals how praising your children does not always bring the best out of them. It’s a self help book with loads of practical and real life tips, examples to build better mindset. 

  1. Think and Win Like Dhoni – Sfurti Sahare

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a force to reckon with in today’s sporting world. His popularity and mannerism have gone beyond the sports category. So cool from the outside but restless inside. The writer points out the different qualities of the skipper and what made him the most loving personality. Whether you are a Dhoni fan or not, just go for it.  

giver taker matcher

Are you a giver, taker, or matcher?

There are 3 kinds of people. 

Givers – Those who believe in giving and never expect anything in return

Takers – Those who just believe in taking from others

Matchers – Those who believe in giving but expect a return from others

According to the research, people who are at the bottom of their careers are givers & surprisingly those who are sitting at the top of their careers are also givers. Takers and matchers tend to land in the middle.

Wondering how that is possible?

Takers have a bad reputation. They are considered as selfish. They grow at the cost of others. They believe in a zero-sum game. As of result of this, they are not able to build trustworthy and lasting relationships with people which curtails their growth momentum. 

On the other hand, matchers believe in give and take relationships. They are always supportive of people and build strong relationships. 

Givers feel happy when other succeeds. For them, the success of a team, group, or company is always more important than the individual. They believe in building long term relationships and ready to sacrifice in the shorter term. 

So, the obvious question comes, why some givers land at rock bottom?

There are two kinds of givers. 
1. Thoughtless Givers: They are the ones who help people all the time so much so that their own work gets affected. They missed their own deadline. They tend to please people always. Though they are happier people than takers and matchers. 

2. Thoughtful Givers: They are smart and strategic about their giving. They are mindful of their giving nature so others don’t take advantage of them. 
We need to introspect our personality type and take the necessary steps to improve. 

Are you a giver, taker, or matcher?

Banned Chinese Apps

List of Chinese Apps banned in India

  Sr.No.                 Chinese Apps                 Description
1TikTokTikTok is a free social media app that lets you watch, create, and share videos — often to a soundtrack of the top hits in music — right from your phone. Tik Tok is a short form, video- sharing app that allows users to create and share 15-second videos, or any topic.
2ShareitSHAREit allows you to transfer video, music, files and apps from one device to another
3KwaiThe Kwai is mainly used to make short videos which can be easily used for updating video status in Whatsapp, Profile photo in Facebook and even we can create a network of friends and share our short videos with them on Kwai application.
4UC BrowserIt is a web browser developed by mobile internet company UCWeb. It is known for its small app size and data compression technology, making it popular in emerging markets where people tend to have mobile phones with more limited device memory and internet bandwidth.
5Baidu MapBaidu Sobar, a free, downloadable software, displayed on a browser’s tool bar and makes the search function available on every Web page that a user browses
6SheinSHEIN is an affordable online shopping platform with a distinct tone focusing on women’s fashion
7Clash of KingsClash of Kings is a new real time strategy game for where you battle to build an empire and control 7 fantasy kingdoms
8DU Battery SaverWith DU Battery Saver make your battery live a much longer life. Its basic function is reducing the battery usage and consumption by unnecessary apps
9HeloHelo app is a “Video Sharing Platform” where people share all types of videos. Along with video share, you can also earn by Helo app
10LikeeLikee, formerly known as LIKE Video, is a free social media app available on iOS orAndroid, designed for creating and sharing short videos
11YouCam make upYouCam Makeup is a free app for Android which uses the AR(Augmented Reality) tech to virtually put your face with professional makeup instantly in real-time. The apphelps you get pro makeovers for your Eyes, Brows, Lips, and Skin.
12Mi CommunityMi Community is our official community forum, the ultimate playground for our MiFans to hang out together.
13CM BrowsersCM (Clean Master) Browser is a lightweight mobile browser which can protect you from malicious threats and still give you rapid browsing speed. With the help of its video detection function, CM Browser makes various online videos downloadable.
14Virus CleanerVirus Cleaner is super antivirus cleaner for android phone. It’s a free and powerful antivirus engine. It is an all-in-one box with the efficient security master, phone junk cleaner, WIFI security, super speed booster, battery saver, CPU cooler and notification cleaner.
15APUS BrowserPUS Browser is a free fast browser app for android, giving you smooth browserexperience.this free fast browser can fast load pages without images to make the fast browser even faster, browse the internet at lightning speed. 
16ROMWEROMWE is your online fashion lookbook that features a bunch of fashionable items for your daily outfit inspiration
17Club FactoryClub Factory is an online shopping marketplace with fashion women’s clothing, men’s clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry and more
18NewsdogNewsDog is an app for accessing the most comprehensive news coverage in India from the comfort of your smartphone. 
19Beauty PlusMagical Camera is a photo editing app for Android that enables you to make small modifications on portrait photos, leaving you looking all the better for them.
20WeChatWeChat is more than a messaging and social media app. Chat and make calls with friends, read news and use local services in Official Accounts and Mini Programs, play fun games with friends, enjoy mobile payment features with WeChat Pay, and much more.
21UC NewsUC News is a content provider and aggregator of popular and curated news that covers most genres of news ranging from entertainment and Bollywood to politics, cricket, movies, tech, lifestyle and many other featured channels
22QQ MailQQmail app gives you excellent email experience and instant new mail notification
23WeiboWeibo is usually known as the Chinese version of Twitter. It offers more informational and trending content. 
24XenderXender is a cross-platform file sharing application, which uses a wireless connection to transfer files, pictures, music etc. 
25QQ MusicQQ Music is one of the three Chinese freemium music streaming services 
26QQ NewsfeedQQ news feed web browser, is providing excellent and high quality browser services for millions of users every day.
27Bigo LiveThe user gets the chance to showcase the other users his talent
28SelfieCitySelfieCity is a photography app that includes dozens of filters to help you look your best. All you have to do is slide your finger from left to right to swap between filters, or you can open the filter menu to choose which one you want.
29Mail MasterUse your mail account as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, AOL Mail etc.
30Parallel SpaceParallel Space is a unique app which allows you to sign in two different accounts on a single Android device simultaneously. 
31Mi Video- XiaomiXiaomi launches streaming apps Mi Music and Mi Video. Smartphone company Xiaomi India has announced the launch of its on-demand music and video streamingapps, Mi Music and Mi Video.
32WeSyncWeSync is an iPhone app that helps couples communicate better, be more connected, and have fun creating rewards for each other
33ES File ExplorerES File Explorer is a file and application manager. You can access and create folders on your Android device without needing to connect it to a computer.
34Viva Video- QU Video IncVideos and images to create your own video montage directly on your Android device. … You can cut and paste videos, add different types of transitions (cuts, fades, etc.), apply many kinds of filters, and much more
35MeituMeitu is the perfect beauty camera app to customize your pictures
36Vigo VideoThis is a video making app designed to help people showcase their creativity and earn money by creating funny short videos and sharing them across social media platforms
37New Video StatusSet your Social media account’s with Status Videos, photos, text, memes according to express your emotion and mood with New Video Status app. 
38DU RecorderDU Recorder is an app that lets you record a video of whatever is happening in your Android’s screen. The best part is that once you’ve recorded the video you can also edit it using the an editing tool that’s been included in the app.
39Vault- HideVault-Hide, an applications that allows you to hide calls, contacts, SMS, pictures, videos, and more on your Android smartphone.
40Cache Cleaner DU App StudioDU Speed Booster & Cleaner is all-in-one speed booster, trash cleaner and antivirus app that optimizes your background apps, memory space and junk(cache) files. While keeping your device safe from virus and trojan, they can secure your private data with the AppLock function.
41DU CleanerDU Speed Booster (Cleaner) allows you to optimize the performance of your device and free space for storing files.
42DU BrowserDU Browser is a simple and convenient free mobile browser for Android.  It gives you an ultra-fast browsing experience and a massively useful information for everyday life such as latest news, videos, music, soccer, meme without searching.
43Hago Play with New FriendsHago is a social application that lets you play games for free
44Cam ScannerTurn your phone and tablet into scanner for intelligent document management. 
45Clean Master- Cheetah MobileClean Master (Boost & AppLock) is an excellent solution to clean and maintain your Android, an app that’s easy, effective, and free. 
46Wonder CameraThe best wink to self shot app for face slim – WonderCamera
47Photo WonderPhotoWonder is a photo editing tool that enables you to add dozens of effects and attractive details to your photographs.
48QQ PlayerQQ Player is a media player for playing all video and audio file formats
49We MeetWeMeet is super easy and fun. Find love or friendship.
50Sweet SelfieSweet Selfie is an application that allows users to create beautiful photos of themselves and their friends with a variety of visual makeover tools, filters, and other smart features
51Baidu TranslateThis app will help you translate Chinese to English and English to Chinese in just one click without any hustles
52VmateVMate allows users to steam a movie online or download for later, across different qualities, from 1080P to 144P. VMate will also showcase latest trailers and recommend users videos based on user’s watch history and interest.
53QQ InternationalStay in touch with your loved ones, find new friends, do business… and translate all chats
54QQ Security CenterIt’s an effective way to improve your account safety and simplify the password recovery process.
55QQ LauncherQQ Launcher is a superior Android-based desktop application.
56U VideoUVideo is a video status app specially made for those who are looking to share crazy videos and images on social networking apps like Whatsapp
57V Fly Status VideoIf you want to create videos to post on social media such as Facebook and Instagram or as your WhatsApp state, you can use VFly. This application offers endless templates that you can use with your smartphone’s image gallery.
58Mobile LegendsMobile Legends is wildly popular because it meets lots of criteria for having a successful game
59DU PrivacyDU Privacy Vault can protect your privacy and secrets – lockdown private apps, and hide and encrypt sensitive photos or videos
Banned Chinese Apps